Lab Director


Anna Weinberg, Ph.D.

Stony Brook University, 2014

Canada Research Chair in Clinical Neuroscience

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology 
McGill University 

Office:  2001 McGill College, 1407
           ++1 (514) 398 4672
Lab:     2001 McGill College, 1450

Graduate Students

Paige Ethridge

Paige is a sixth-year Ph.D. student in the lab. She received her undergraduate (B.A. Honours, Psychology) from Western University. Paige is currently working on multiple projects related to reward sensitivity and vulnerability to depression. Paige successfully defended her dissertation titled Pathways to depression: Identifying links between familial risk, stress, and abnormal neural response to reward, and is now on internship at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton. 


Doctoral Research Award-- Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2017 - 2020)

Canada Graduate Scholarship – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2016)

Judith Mappin Fellowship, McGill University (2015)


President’s Pick Psychophysiology Award for best student-written paper submitted to Psychophysiology

Aislinn Sandre

Aislinn is a fifth-year PhD student in the TRAC Lab. She received her undergraduate (B.Sc. Honours, Psychology) degree from Queen’s University. She is currently working on a research project to understand how child maltreatment creates maladaptive patterns of attention toward threatening social cues. Aislinn is also interested in examining intergenerational effects of maternal stress on infant stress responsivity and vulnerability for future psychopathology.


Judith Mappin Fellowship, McGill University (2016)

Canada First Research Excellence Fund, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, Graduate Student Fellowship (2018-2019)

FRQ-S Ph.D. Funding (2019-2021)


SPR Student Poster Award, 2017

Iulia Banica

Iulia is a fourth-year PhD student. She received her B.Sc. in Honours Psychology from the University of Waterloo. Iulia is particularly interested in investigating the effects of stress and abuse on error and threat processing, and how these relate to anxiety and depression.


Canada Graduate Scholarship-- Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2018)

FRQ-SC Ph.D. Funding (2019-2021)


SPR Student Poster Award, 2020

Clara Freeman

Clara is a third-year PhD student in the lab. She completed her B.A. in psychology at Cornell University. Clara is interested in how social information processing and reward relate to depression and other psychopathology across development. 


Tomlinson Fellowship, McGill University (2018-2021) 

FRQ-S Ph.D. Funding (2020-2022)


SPR Student Poster Award, 2019

Héléna Renault

Héléna is a first-year PhD student in the lab. She completed her undergraduate degree (BA, Honours Psychology) at McGill and is interested in how neural responses to reward interact with various types of stress as well as how these factors relate to depression. 



Judith Mappin Fellowship, McGill University (2020)

Canada Graduate Scholarship – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2021)

Lidia Panier

Lidia is a first-year PhD student in the lab. She completed her M.A. (Social Sciences: Psychology) at the University of Chicago. She is interested in the effects of stress on reward processing across depression and anxiety, as well as the unique differences between these internalizing disorders. 

Lab Coordinators

Joelle Schaffer

Joelle completed her senior honours thesis at the TRAC Lab exploring the associations between neural responses to social reward, stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, and depressive symptoms in a sample of mothers and daughters. She is now working as a lab coordinator, funded by the Psychology Undergraduate Research Award.

Seonwoo Hong

Seonwoo is a 4th-year Honours Psychology student at McGill. Her research interests include child development and psychopathology. She completed her honours thesis on the association between a blunted reward positivity and depression under stress. She is currently working as a lab coordinator, funded by the Science Undergraduate Research Award.

Undergraduate Alumni

Chloe White (research coordinator, Biopsychosocial Examination of Eating Patterns [BEEP] lab)

Viveca Lee (research assistant, Eating Disorders Continuum, Douglas Hospital)

Alexandra MacTavish (graduate student, child clinical psychology, University of Windsor)

Kiki Brabander (graduate student, Integrated Program in Neuroscience, McGill University)

Ella Christiaans (graduate student, Educational Psychology, McGill University)

Fauzia Saiyed (Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student at Lehigh University)

Claire Punturieri (research assistant, Experimental therapeutics and pathophysiology branch of the NIMH)

Ariel Boyle (graduate student, Clinical Psychology, Concordia University)

Iman Lahouaoula (medical student, UBC)

Erin Matsuba (graduate student, psychology, Syracuse University)

Manlu Liu (graduate student, University of British Columbia)

Jamie Borenstein-Laurie (graduate student, Clinical Psychology, Concordia University)

Emma Stewart (graduate student, Neuroscience, University of Western Ontario)

Benazir Hodzic-Santor (medical student, University of Toronto)

Insub Kim (graduate student, Stanford University)

Tiana Corovic (law school, University of Toronto)

Agnessa Karapetian (PhD student in cognitive computational neuroscience, Einstein Center for Neurosciences, Berlin)

Julia Ferrone (graduate student, PsyD in School Psychology, Adelphi University)

Nicole Ledwos (graduate student, integrated program in neuroscience, McGill University)

Hazal Ozlen (project manager, Villeneuve lab, the Douglas)

Anne Baptiste (graduate student, Concordia University)

Emily Snook (medical student, University of Toronto)

Mert Kimyaci (research assistant in the Regulation, Affect and Development Lab, McGill University)

Wendy Wang

Sasha Novozhilova

Seffie Yip

David Figeuroa Perez

Jiaqi Zhao

Erica Di Caprio

Veronica Rusu

Emily Demers

Karin Cinalioglu

Charlene Osei-Afrifa

Ruby Atesoglu

Alison Yang

Sarah Bernier 

Emilie Hess

Blair Lavery

Dila Bilal

Catherine Labasi-Sammartino

Christine Koppenaal

​Samantha Scholes

Sarah Lefebvre

Margot Kelly-Hedrick

Christine Koppenaal

Charles LaPierre

Shannon Dawe

Sarah Sieur

Kelly Cool

Jennifer Burns

Shona Mistry

Sasha Topilova

Zainab Yahya

Bettina Trabelsi

Rachel Shepherd

Katie Mound

Ellie Basra

Oliver Huang

Friends &


Autumn Kujawa, Vanderbilt University

Melanie Dirks, McGill University

Anja Riesel, University Hamburg

Sarah Racine, McGill University

Alexis May, Wesleyan University

Greg Hajcak, Florida State University

Roman Kotov, Stony Brook University

Stewart Shankman, Northwestern University

E. David Klonsky, University of British Columbia

Christopher Patrick, Florida State University

Norbert Kathmann, Humboldt University

Dan Foti, Purdue University 

Signy Sheldon, McGill University